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The Canadian Textile Industry Association (CTIA) is introducing a new service to its members and other textile manufacturers in Canada. TexQuiz is an industry information service that consists of sending one central question (“lighting survey”, response in less than 1 minute) and publishing the results on the CTIA's website. Results may also be diffused to important textile industry stakeholders like different levels of government or certain media outlets when need be.
We know you are busy, so the central question will be short and concise and focused on textile companies expressing their opinion on current subjects that influence our industry.
This new service is 100% confidential. For analysis purposes, we will only request that you supply us with your geographical location and your affiliation with the textile industry. Furthermore, we will not solicit your company on a regular basis as the TexQuiz questionnaires will be sent only whenever we think that the industry should chime in on important topics. 

Result to come...

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