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Environment and Sustainable development

The Canadian Textile Industry Association (CTIA) ​​advocates the importance of environment protection and sustainable development within Canadian businesses.
The CTIA considers sustainable development as a foundation of corporate business plans and a major factor of success in national and international markets.
The objective of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee is to study and report to the members on all environmental issues relevant to our industry. The Committee is also responsible for monitoring legislative and regulatory initiatives and educating members on the importance of developing and implementing a sustainable development strategy.
The Committee represents our industry on various strategic discussion platforms relating to the Environment and Climate Change. It interacts with national and international associations such as Ocean Wise Conservation Association ( and the American Reusable Textile Association (

To submit your interest in being part of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee, send us an email at the following address:
As a member of this Committee, you will have the opportunity to present your company's achievements in terms of sustainable development on this page.

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