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Towards value-added textiles


Trade liberalization have dramatically transformed the Canadian and foreign textile industry. Indeed, many companies have successfully undertaken their strategic migration "from traditional textiles to high added value textiles".

Brief overview of the Canadian textile sector

In 2020, the Canadian textile industry numbered approximately 800 companies, mostly made up of SMEs. They are concentrated in Quebec and Ontario and are also found in Western Canada and Atlantic Canada.


Textile statistics produced by Innovation Sciences and Economic Development Canada entitled TEXTILE MANUFACTURING

2014 - 2019 (NAICS codes 313 and 314 and 325220) reveal that the gross domestic product was $ 1.526 billion in 2019, down 2.1% from 2018, while shipments stood at $ 4.102 billion, down 7.3% from 2018.

Success factors

In order to face foreign competition, Canadian companies focus in particular on:


  • The creation of innovative, distinctive and highly effective products;

  • The acquisition of new skills;

  • The use of modern equipment and innovative technologies;


In addition, the diversification of export markets, based on various free trade agreements recently signed by Canada, is part of the business plans of Canadian textile companies.


Canadian companies today stand out in several market niches and technical applications sought after by consumers.


Value-added textiles are also used by many companies as the necessary inputs to manufacture finished products.

They are therefore part of the value chain of several Canadian and foreign industrial sectors, in particular in the following market segments:

  • Protection;

  • Medical and health;

  • Transport (including aerospace);

  • Environment and sustainable development;

  • Infrastructure and agriculture;

  • Comfort and outwear;

  • Home.


In terms of new technologies, smart textiles have experienced increasing use since 2010, particularly in the fields of medical clothing and sports clothing.

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