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Infotext 2023


CTIA Infotext : December 2023

This time of years, our thoughts turn gratefully to our members...

CTIA Infotext : November 2023

How is the industry responding to the employment crisis?


CTIA Infotext : October 2023

Textiles Monterey Inc.
Empowering Lives with Advanced Textiles...

CTIA Infotext : September 2023

Canadian Green Textile Label

CTIA Infotext : August 2023

Belt-Tech Inc. Committed to sustainable manufacturing.

CTIA Infotext : July 2023

Davey Textile Solutions Inc. (DTS) 
At the forefront of sustainability...

CTIA Infotext : June 2023

All the processes in the textile value chain

are available in Canada!

CTIA Infotext : May 2023

The Canadian Textile Industry Takes Action for the Environment 

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CTIA Infotext : April 2023

Is the Canadian government SERIOUS about Net Zero Emission 2050?


CTIA Infotext : March 2023

The innovation capacity is the main strength of the Canadian textile industry. 

CTIA Infotext : February 2023

Many of us confuse two industries: the textile and the apparel industries...

CTIA Infotext : January 2023

There are currently many free trade agreements between Canada...

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