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Standards & Regulations

Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act

The Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act is a regulatory statute that requires that prepackaged consumer products bear accurate and meaningful labelling information to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.
The Act prohibits the making of false or misleading representations and gives specifications for mandatory label information such as the product's name, net quantity and dealer identity.
The Act allows designated inspectors to: enter any place at any reasonable time; examine prepackaged products, open packages, examine and make copies of documents or papers; and seize products, labelling, packaging or advertising material which do not conform with the Act and Regulations.


CA Identification Number
It is not required to have a CA Identification Number but it may be used in place of a name and address on the label of textile articles. You may apply for a CA Identification Number though the Competition Bureau’s online form or by mail. The one time payment for the registration fee is $100.00.
For more information or to apply for a CA identification number, click the link above.


Flammability Standards
Click the link above for the official safety guide regarding flammability standards for textiles and textile products by the Government of Canada. This document is an unofficial summary of the requirements for textile products and bedding. It is not intended to substitute for, supersede or limit the requirements under the applicable legislation.

Nanomaterials and their Application in Textiles
The document is focused on providing information on the standards presently in place in Canada that are specific to the use of nanotechnologies in the textile industry.

The context is that Canadian textile firms considering utilizing nanotechnologies in the development of new innovative textile products must be knowledgeable about the state of standardization of nanotechnologies related to textiles.

The document provides information on which nanotechnologies are typically used in the textile industry and which properties they impart on textiles.

Labelling Requirements
Competition Bureau, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, provides advice on mandatory labelling requirements and voluntary guidelines for the marketing of consumer products.

Standards Development, Product Certification & Registration Services

The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) provides standards development and conformity assessment services, including programs for certification of products and services, registration of quality and environmental management systems, and related services.

Key Organizations:

Health Canada

In partnership with provincial and territorial governments, provides national leadership to develop health policy, enforce health regulations, promote disease prevention and enhance healthy living for all Canadians. Health Canada also works closely with other federal departments, agencies and health stakeholders to reduce health and safety risks to Canadians.

The Standards Council of Canada
The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is a federal Crown corporation. Its mandate is to promote efficient and effective standardization in Canada. Standardization is the development and application of standards publications that establish accepted practices, technical requirements and terminologies for products, services and systems.

The organization reports to Parliament through the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and oversees Canada's national standardization network.

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